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Ein Forscher träufelt aus einer kleinen Pipette eine Flüssigkeit in ein Reagenzglas. Mehrere Reagenzgläser und ein Erlenmeyerkolben vorn rechts sind mit einer hellblauen, klaren Flüssigkeit gefüllt. Kopf und Schultern des Forschers sind nur unscharf im Hintergrund zu erkennen.

Information for scientists

Find out which documents you need for a laboratory animal request.

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Qualification & documentation requirements for researchers

Animal experiments may only be carried out under strict conditions. This includes that each employee in the experimental project can prove the legally anchored requirements for expertise - the "performance of procedures on animals". In addition, the head and deputy head must demonstrate at least three years of experience in animal experimentation projects.

The FEM offer a compact course consisting of 20 hours of eLearning and 20 classroom hours based on the recommendations of the European Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA). This course qualifies you according to the legal requirements (Art. 23 para. 2a RL 2010/63 i.V.m. Annex V and § 16 TierSchVersV i.V.m. Annex 1 Section 3) to carry out animal experimentation projects.

The FEM also work closely with the animal welfare officers of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Please also inform yourself there about the necessary conditions and procedures of an animal experimentation project.