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ES cell-based techniques at the Laboratory for Transgenic Technologies

The services offered by the Laboratory of Transgenic Technologies (TT) include

  • electroporation
  • Selection as well as
  • picking and sending a maximum of 480 clones (five 96-well plates)

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ES cell-based techniques for producing transgenic mice including cell culture

Abb.: G. Michel

For electroporation, the laboratory of transgenic technologies requires

  • 2 x 20 µg of cut and purified DNA at a concentration of 2 µg/µl

After genotyping by the client, a maximum of 3 clones are injected into a total of 75 blastocysts, which are then transferred into apparent pregnant dams


In addition to the patient's own ES cells, externally produced ES cell clones can also be injected into blastocysts.

Work steps

Work step;Responsible

Extension request;TT and client

Vector design and production;Client

Vector purification;Client

Electroporation and selection;TT

Genotyping of the clones;Client

Karyotyping of the clones*;client (organization by TT)

Injection of the ES cells;TT

Estimation of chimerism;TT

Mating for germline compatibility;client and FEM

Genotyping of the offspring;client

*Costs borne by the client

Application processing

The transgenic technologies (TT) laboratory has an ongoing animal testing application in which the generation of new lines has been described. New lines are requested via an extension of this animal experiment application.

  1. Please download the extension template here: Link to the form page
  2. Please complete the extension and return to the laboratory. The TT will complete the animal numbers, clarify open questions and forward the extension to the team of the responsible animal welfare officers. There, the application will be reviewed again and finally forwarded to the LAGeSo.

Please note that further work with the transgenically modified animals may require a separate animal experiment application.

For the cost of this service, please refer to the current fee schedule (Available on the FEM intranet site or from the FEM secretary's office).


Dr. rer. nat. Geert Michel

Head Transgenic Technologies

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Männerkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.