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pronuclear injection, lentiviral transgenesis

Transgenic Technologies laboratories offer the following strains as background for pronuclear injection:

  • Outbreeding: CD1
  • Hybrid: B6D2F1

The availability of further strains can be clarified

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Production of transgenic mice via so-called gene editing using TALENs or CRISPR/Cas9

For pronuclear injection we need cut and purified DNA (see DNAprep.pdf) at a concentration of 100 ng/µl. This DNA is diluted from the transgene technologies to approximately 2.5 ng/µl and injected according to the animal experiment application. On the following day, the biceps are transferred into sham pregnant nurses. After about 20 days, the young animals are whelped. Another three weeks later, they are weaned and samples are shipped for genotyping.

Gene editing using the CrispR Cas9 system or TALENs we perform in routine. Please contact me for the details. The following formal steps are necessary for the production of a transgenic line:

Application processing

The transgenic technologies (TT) laboratory has an ongoing animal experiment application in which the generation of new lines has been described. New lines are requested via an extension of this animal experiment application.

  1. Please download the extension template here: Link to the form page
  2. Please complete the extension and return to the laboratory. The TT will complete the animal numbers, clarify open questions and forward the extension to the team of the responsible animal welfare officers. There, the application will be reviewed again and finally forwarded to the LAGeSo.

Please note that further work with the transgenically modified animals may require a separate animal experiment application.

For the cost of this service, please refer to the current fee schedule (Available on the FEM intranet site or from the FEM secretary's office). 


Dr. rer. nat. Geert Michel

Head Transgenic Technologies

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Männerkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.